Safety and Department of Buildings (DOB) regulatory compliance are an undeniable concern for responsible construction-industry professionals and property operators throughout New York City. Consulting with Manhattan-based AK Engineering is the first step in ensuring your project is completed in compliance with the requisites as defined by the NYC Building Code.

AK Engineering provides a complete spectrum of inspection services, helping clients fulfill NYC DOB regulations within an expansive array of categories. NYC Special Inspections are performed by AK Engineering during various stages of construction, addressing each specific project’s needs and ensuring every regulated component of an installation satisfies DOB requirements. DOB-approved AK Engineering can help guide you through the regulatory process and will provide the Special Inspections and Progress Inspections you require to ensure compliancy.


AK Engineering excels at the leading edge of the construction industry, due, at least in part, to: Knowledgeable, well-trained and courteous AK Engineering inspectors and professionals, who work closely with project teams to identify issues of concern and propose effective solutions to problems; timely, efficient coordination with project teams that ensure time-sensitive inspections are conducted in support of aggressive construction schedules, and quick turnaround of Building Department forms.


As an experienced and fully qualified Special Inspection and Progress Inspection agency, AK Engineering is proud to share its accreditations. AK Engineering is officially recognized as an International Accreditation Service (IAS)-accredited Special Inspection Agency (SIA). The DOB requires an engineering firm be accredited by IAS or an equivalent organization for such inspections to be valid for all Class I projects.